Photo by Daniel Agee

Hey, I’m Jon.

I’m an independent product designer, full-stack developer & relapsing musician. I’m fully booked for the next couple of months, but you can read more about how I work if you’re interested in working together in the future.

I’m generally fascinated by the intersection of design & technology; I love obsessing about Swiss modernist typography and grid systems as much as I love making slick, functional products and learning about new ways of thinking and expressing ideas and interfaces (right now? ReactiveCocoa & Clojure are rocking my world).

You can follow me on Twitter, GitHub, Dribbble, Instagram & SoundCloud.


Something new that I’m trying is an (infrequent) email newsletter. It will contain recent blog posts, upcoming talks, new projects, and my availability for freelance projects. If you want to hire me, this is the best place to keep tabs on what I'm up to.

I haven't written the first edition yet so I'm not sure exactly what format it will take, but I imagine that it will go out no more than once a month. This is an experiment, so sign up and see how it goes.